Directional Drilling Services


Trenchless technology minimizes CO2 output and streamlines a project to reduce the environmental impact

Trenchless Technology Expertise

Ulmer Contracting Ltd. is an expert in trenchless technology, an environmentally sensitive method of laying utility infrastructure underground. Trenchless technology minimizes CO2 output and streamlines a project to reduce the environmental impact.

Trenchless Technology

21st century, responsible municipalities and corporations are seeking means to balance the requirements of building and developing infrastructure, while reversing the causes of climate change and minimizing its impact; Ulmer Contracting Ltd. is a leader throughout British Columbia, in utilizing trenchless technology to support the responsible progress of society.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling and directional drilling is the primary method involved with the trenchless technology that Ulmer Contracting Ltd. utilizes. We are experts in horizontal drilling and directional drilling. HDD drilling is a method of using trenchless technology to install varying underground utilities such as: gas, hydro, electrical, sewage or communications infrastructure.

Directional drilling services

Top of the Line Technology and Equipment

Ulmer Contracting Ltd. owns and operates some of the finest in trenchless technology and directional drilling equipment; this includes the D40x55 S3 Navigator; this is a high-performance piece of machinery fully equipped with sound reduction technology, vast ‘rod options’ for adjusting the well length and width, and ‘quick cycling’ times to ensure precision drilling.

These directional drilling machines are accurate in boring direction-specific paths underground and placing piping for utility infrastructure. This reduces any interruptions to the day to day functioning of society. Ulmer Contracting Ltd. brings 20 years of horizontal drilling and directional drilling expertise to a project, ensuring efficient completion.  

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Cost Efficient Methods

Another benefit of the HDD drilling methods that Ulmer Contracting Ltd. utilizes and that corporations and municipalities prefer is its minimal cost, including tax dollars. In comparing past methods, which were known for disrupting traffic, damaging roadways and inconveniencing individuals, HDD drilling is a far superior and beneficial method of installing utility infrastructure.


Ulmer Contracting Ltd.’s approach to HDD Drilling and trenchless technology is to employ highly experienced individuals that are fully trained in using leading edge directional drilling trenchless technology. We have extensive experience using trenchless technology in the construction of sewer, water, natural gas, hydro electric ducts, telecom ducts/vaults, and any type of piping conduit available.

Our directional drilling approach
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We maintain our drilling equipment well beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, updating our equipment to keep with the most current advancements in trenchless technology. In doing so, Ulmer Contracting Ltd. has the expertise, experience, and ability to drill in highly congested areas while minimizing any risk to already existing installations. Our extensive preliminary procedures identify, anticipate and avoids hazards, which provides our crews, customers, and the public with the greatest degree of safety possible.